Ready or Not!

I’ve been there and I’m sure many of you have been as well. We get to thinking about something we’d like to do or telling someone about the new idea or an ambition we have, then … nothing.

We get wrapped up by our daily lives and almost as soon as we think it up the idea is gone. Todays post will illustrate the importance of taking action regardless if you think you’re ready or not!

To encounter great moments, you must mostly be in motion!”

Mehmet Murat

It’s a great thing and necessary to have a plan. A plan allows you to have something to follow and gauge your progress. However, there are no perfect plans.

I’ve been developing plans and ideas for a long time. A commonality is all the plans are written down. This creates something that’s actionable and measurable. They also help to rationalize irrational fears and move forward untethered.

80/20 – Effort versus progress

I want to discuss briefly a concept called Pareto’s Principle. I wont go too far into detail. There are plenty of resources you can find written by people much more knowledgeable than myself.

However, I will identify how Pareto’s Principle plays a role in taking action. Some of the areas this principle is said to have significance include economics, sports and software development.

For this article I’ll reference Pareto’s Principle as it applies to software development. The principle shows that, in general, 80% of a certain piece of software can be written in 20% of the total time allocated. Yet, the hardest 20% of the code takes 80% of the time.

The reason any of this matters is the following. If you wait to develop the perfect plan you’ll never start doing anything. This principle shows that you can make huge progress with limited energy. However, the last 20% is gonna take a lot of doing.

The struggle is real

There will never be a 100% plan of action because there will always be unknowns. Acknowledge this and start taking action. Prepare yourself to reach a point when the productivity appears to be decreasing rapidly and the workload and difficulty increases.

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

Frederick Douglass

Enjoy the process and have patience. You really need to find enjoyment in problem solving. That’s not to say that it will never be frustrating, but the juice better be worth the squeeze!

Regardless what endeavor you’re pursuing, if it’s new to you, there will be trials and challenges. All of these should be approached as opportunities to problem solve. Enjoy the small victories, they help give the momentum to accomplish the larger ambition.

In conclusion, if you’re even close to having a 70 or 80 percent idea of the direction you’re trying to move in, just go for it! Figure out the other 20-30 percent once you’re in motion.

Whether it’s something as simple as creating a business plan or as significant as actually executing the plan, do it! Once you’ve started making the initial 80 percent of progress, while only using 20 percent of the effort, you’ll be better positioned to adjust the plan and figure out the remaining actions needed.

Go, do and have fun! Cheers to a new beginning.

If you have questions or ideas you’d like to have me dig into, please feel free to connect and I’ll see how I can help! Until next time, keep living that Tasty Dangerous lifestyle!

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