Starting Over: Paint Your Reality

A blank canvas is a beautiful thing. There is unlimited possibilities to create and develop the canvas. Nothing is limiting your creation except what’s inside your own mind, aside from supplies. More on this later.

However, if we were all given a blank canvas and the basic supplies to develop the canvas, we’d all have equal opportunities to do so.

“It’s so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas.”

-Paul Cezanne

Although a blank canvas can be a beautiful thing, it can also be a bit daunting. It can be overwhelming to make that initial brush stroke or draw the first line.

It’s really easy to start contemplating all the variables and become frozen due to uncertainty or just not knowing how to start.

Getting Started

I’d like to suggest that making a big change in life is similar to being handed a blank canvas. In some ways it’s an amazing opportunity, but in some instances it could be very stressful.

Take for example a big change in your life that had a date on it. As soon as a timeline and deadlines are introduced it creates a certain level of anticipation and stress. 

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”

 -Albert Einstein

Are you starting a new job, moving to a new city or in most cases both of theses? They are both life experiences that share similarities to being handed a new canvas.

The mind is a powerful thing and can either create barriers for us or help us find solutions to perceived barriers.

Try imagining all the beautiful creations you could make with the new blank canvas. Imagine the potential.

If you find yourself considering all the potentially negative outcomes remind yourself that event the master painters had to make some mistakes before they created their master pieces.

This is significant! Remind yourself of this regularly. It’s a real thing and can help you get beyond the fear of the unknown. It can help you get beyond the fear of failure.

Supplies and creativity

In art I find myself always trying to find alternative methods for creating. I’ve used cardboard to paint on and find the texture to be unique and appealing in its own respect.

I’ve used broken glass to create beautiful sculptures. I’ve also sought out cheap paint just to give me the ability to use more of it and play more as opposed to being concerned about wasting it on a failed attempt.

Supplies in art are similar to the supplies we need in life to achieve certain task. Sure, in some regards there are things we just can’t do without, think food, water and shelter.

“Many painters are afraid of the blank canvas, but the blank canvas is afraid of the truly passionate painter who dares-and who has once broken the spell of ‘you can’t.’ “

-Vincent Van Gogh

However, there are even levels to this concept. Take for example, while I was in corporate. I was blessed with a much nicer salary than I’m currently afforded. I was spending more on food that could be considered to be tastier or gourmet.

However, this was all just a perk and in hind site I wish I hadn’t been so frivolous with my money at the time. It’s amazing how much money I spent just on sustenance. However, in regards to whether it tasted good, yes it was delicious.

What I’m gettin at is this. If you have an idea you want to execute on, consider what supplies you need.

Shiny things are ok, but are they necessary?

Do you really need a platinum coated, designer hammer to pound a few nails? Doubtful. You could get by with a used hammer you find at a thrift shop.

So if you find yourself putting limitations on what you can create with your new blank canvas try to remind yourself that it’s more about your creativity with that you have, rather than the shiny new thing you’d like.

That’s not to say you should’t aspire to that shine new thing, but just have an understanding between the difference of need and want. Starting over in any respect can be a refreshing new take on life.

It allows us new opportunities to grow and develop. New opportunities to explore and create our next masterpiece.

If you find yourself attempting a new start after maybe having a tough run at it. Remember the master painters, they too had ruined canvases.

However, it was these canvases and attempts that allowed them to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create their masterpieces.

Learn from your previous experience and use that experience to create on your new canvas.

If you have questions or ideas you’d like to have me dig into, please feel free to connect and I’ll see how I can help! Until next time, keep living that Tasty Dangerous lifestyle!

Cheers to new beginnings.

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