Over Thinking: All The Things

In business as in life I have to remind myself frequently not to over think it. There are many opportunities that will present themself in either of these categories.

We can choose to over think every detail or just go with the flow and learn a bit as we do. Many times I find that after I’ve attempted something it wasn’t as difficult, or even as significant, as I initially thought.

“I think and think and think, I‘ve thought myself out of happiness one million times, but never once into it.”

― Jonathan Safran Foer

Take for example the 15 seconds of fire shout outs I do daily on the Tasty Dangerous Instagram and some of my other social accounts. At one time I was actually contemplating if this was a sustainable action to take on.

Really? Something that at the most takes me a few minutes to decide on and maybe a few minutes to get the proper take recorded.

Sure, I’ve had a few of these that have taken a bit to get right because I stumble on my words. Or maybe I need to find a location that isn’t too loud, but it’s still just a few minutes out of my day and I enjoy it.

There are a lot of these things I’ve been finding in life and business. If I’m not careful I will over think it and make a mountain out of something that doesn’t need to be so significant.

Know Yourself

Have you ever been contemplating a move in business or taking action in regards to some new approach, but find yourself questioning your actions? This is very normal and it’s a good sign that what you’re considering is exactly what you should try.

It’s outside your comfort zone, which means you’re putting yourself in a position to learn and develop.

These opportunities will present themselves regularly. It can be difficult initially, but with a little practice you can see them vividly as you start to over think them.

It’s in this moment we have the choice. We can choose to engage in over thinking and waste the energy and time.

This can potentially even create negativity along the way. Or we can choose the alternative. Move forward and engage.

Give it a little time and eventually you’ll look back and see that whatever it is you were thinking was so significant really wasn’t as big of a deal as you initially thought.

Take Action

Something I’ve found to help in regards to taking action in business are as follows. Develop a list of things you’ve done in your life that where pretty significant.

Take for example a move to a new city, child birth, graduation, starting a new business or maybe some type of athletic or academic achievements. Whatever they are, make a list.

Remember this list and remind yourself of your accomplishments every time your inner thoughts start to over think it. Eventually this inner thought that happens will become less and less. 

Simple mindset changes can do amazing things. 

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