A World Unplugged: At odds with creativity?

I’ve recently started a short adventure that will last roughly two months. I jumped out of the sates and have landed in Thailand prior to an adventure through India. Something that has become an issue recently is the wifi in my building.

It should be fixed in the next day or two, but it’s brought about a nice reprieve from constant connectivity. Although it is something I still need to seek out at some point during the day I’ve grown to enjoy being unplugged, even if just for a moment.

Global economy… kind of

I pose this question. When is the last time you didn’t have electronic connectivity, in some capacity, with the world at large?

No cellular service or wifi. It’s an interesting concept for those of us from societies where it’s the norm. Yet consider this. As of the writing of this blog there are only around 55% of the worlds roughly 7.5 billion habitants that have access to the internet.

That means there are still close to 4.13 billion people without access to the internet. This number won’t even register with most people.

Considering the US population is around 327 million people, a comparison could be as follows. There are over 12 and a half US populations without access to the internet. Unreal…

I Dare You

If you haven’t been in a position recently, or ever, where you were unable to connect to the internet try this exercise. Put down the phone, turn off your computer. Step away from the television or anything that would give you access to the “outside world”. 

When you’ve done this try to conceptualize and develop an idea about anything. Think about food, music, art, business…. whatever. Now that you have a topic attempt to develop an idea that relates in some capacity.

Try creating a recipe, develop a musical composition or an idea for a film piece. Put together the makings of a new work of art in whatever capacity that is.

You’ll find that suddenly there’s no reference points. No ease of information at your finger tips.

It suddenly becomes a moment of true and uninterrupted creativity that starts with the self. I recently posted a “15 seconds of fire” shout out on the Tasty Dangerous Instagram page (@TastyDangerous) that discussed motivation. I suggested that if you’re struggling with motivation look for inspiration.

Blessing and a curse

What’s interesting about this is how folks that have no access to the internet don’t have the same opportunities as those who do? They are much more limited in their capacity to find outside sources that can influence and guide them .

We’re in a modern age where as societies we’ve landed robots on Mars and are in the process of developing a Moon base. We’ve got corporations that have gdp’s that surpass countries around the world and yet there are still 4.13 billion without internet access.

I’m not going to start ranting about social injustices or corporate greed, but I will suggest this. On the occasion, unplug. Step away from the connectivity that is so readily available to many and yet not for roughly the same number of people. See if you can find inspiration within yourself.

Double dare you

I’d wager that those of you who actually attempt this disconnecting exercise will find a certain amount of difficulty along with a new sense of discovery. You’ll find that reflecting on your memories will pay dividends to your new found creativity. 

Even as I’m writing this blog I’m finding a few areas that are brought to the forefront of my current undertaking. Focus, introspect, reflection and creativity are all rattling around.

I’m trying to power through this piece without the use of the internet to source references or dig up statistics or otherwise documented facts. To be fair, I did have to come back to this blog after getting internet access. I filled in the blanks I left, which were the statistics I’ve already shared.

It’s quite liberating in a way to be forced to just create. To look inward to discover. To not have the distraction of alerts and notifications from a number of social and web platforms I’ve grown accustomed to managing. 

Like so many others I’m a product of the modern age. I do find enjoyment in the internet and all the benefits it offers in terms of data and connectivity.

However, there’s something to be said for being unplugged. If you’ve never done this or haven’t done this in a while, give it a try.

Step away from the devices that rule our modern age and find that place in yourself. The place where you have total control over your creativity and your own mindset.

If you’re anything like me you’ll find it initially a bit of a struggle and then suddenly, like a meteor entering the atmosphere, a flash of understanding and creativity will emerge. 

Plan of action

I’m going to start making it a point to turn WIFI off and put my phone on airplane mode periodically. It’s proving to be beneficial to me in more ways than just being uninterrupted when writing a blog or podcast.

It’s showing me the depth of my own creativity and just how much I have to offer when I dig deeper from within. I hope you all can find it in yourself as well.

It’s an interesting world we live in and one that will only get more interesting as the remainder of the world gets connected. I look forward to the day that everyone has access to all the information around the world. 

Yet, I find myself wondering. As a global society will we in some ways be missing out on the creativity that’s coming from specific regions around the world?

The idea that once everyone has the potential of influence from all corners of the earth. Will there ever truly be a localized style?

I guess the debate that could be made would be we only get more creativity as all the regions around the world integrate electronically with one another.

The worlds borders are deteriorating in many ways all around us. Cheers to a brave new world.

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