Thank You

Appreciation goes a long way.

Thank you to everyone that’s been following along.

I’ve had a bit of time away over the fourth of July week. It’s been nice to catch up with family and friends.

At the same time I’ve enjoyed a step away from all the things that are necessary distractions, I’ve also had a serious case of production anxiety.

The constant social media updates and uploads. The networking, late nights and early mornings. The continuous planning and execution that’s necessary to develop and grow a business.

Truth is I feel guilty.

This is the first week I missed my weekly upload since I started this blog. Almost 6 months of producing regular content across multiple platforms.

Even while traveling in different countries I was able to upload, but that streak has now come to an end. I need to up my game apparently. Yet, six months is nothing in the big picture.

Those of you who noticed I missed this week just know I have some things in the works. Managing all aspects of a brand has been proving an exciting, albeit, a difficult challenge.

Hope everyone had a fun and enjoyable fourth of July and all your fingers are still intact.

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