Alter Ego: Power up

It’s always the same story. Something dramatic is taking place and there’s someone or something in need of saving.

Suddenly the hero appears after a wardrobe change or undertaking a transformation of some sort.

Justice League

But why?

Why the alter ego?

Why not just perform whatever task necessary without transformation?

Obviously many of the alter egos could be argued are for concealing identities. To those that would argue this point, touché.

However, I think there’s more to it than that.

The alter ego of the hero, or villain, being the topic of consideration I ask you this. What would your transformation be?

Young Blood

Would you change your outfit? Would there be some sort of power-up that strengthens you or maybe a special item?

If you’re a performer, do you have a unique outfit that makes you feel more the part you’re performing?

What about some form of an imaginary super power?

You don’t have to look far to see some very successful and well known people that have alter egos.

Beyoncé Knowles has Sasha Fierce as her alter ego. Ernest Hemmingway was also known as Nick Adams.

What characteristics and traits do you think they gave to their alter egos?

Have you ever imagined what your own alter ego would be? By now most of you are likely wondering where this is going.

Consider this.

If you don’t typically dress up in suits or ballroom gowns, when’s the last time you did?

Did you enjoy it? Did you feel like you had a power up? I’ve never worn suits daily throughout the week. However, when I do wear a suit, it feels like a bit of a boost or power up.

When you look good you feel good. This is something I truly believe.

The Conjuring

Another example of this superhuman experience is in sports or athletics. Uniforms, pads, helmets, shoes and whatever else is used to compete in the game.

Putting on a helmet, gloves and jacket was always a boosted moment for me before ripping on a motorcycle.

Obviously the gear was for safety, or at least the idea of safety. However, I’d be lying if I said that’s all it was.

The anticipation of the events that were to follow. The sense of security that came with protective gear.

The reason there are loads of styles and designs of gear is to meet a variety of needs. Yet, there is also an aspect of personal identity when it comes to your gear.

How it looks and feels when wearing it. Why is that?

The designs, colors and materials.

Sure a helmet protects your brain bucket if you dump your bike, but the confidence that comes with the helmet and style points both play a role.

A power up if you will.

Stare in the face of danger

Combine that confidence with the boosted feeling of wearing something that makes you look good and you start to feel really good. It’s the same as wearing a suit for some or putting on makeup and a fancy dress for others.

It’s a transformation and it feels good.

Where I’m going with this whole piece and the point of the blog is this. If you don’t have an alter ego, think one up.

Just like musicians and writers have alter egos you should come up with one of your own. This being specific to a niche you’re investing your energy into.

Give them a special ability or abilities and actually think of it when in situations that would require that skill set. A musician may create an alter ego with the ability to be fearless.

It could be argued drawing on their alter ego helps the musician perform in front of large audiences. Maybe your special ability is extreme focus or patience.

Maybe it’s the ability to accomplish mundane tasks repetitively and with a high caliber of efficiency. That’s one power-up I think all entrepreneurs could benefit from.

The Trade Off

Whatever it is consider this, you don’t have much to lose trying, but you just might have everything to gain. Think of becoming your alter ego in times of difficulty or when you could use a boost.

Stressed and tired, but you find the strength to keep going. Fearful and anxious, but you drive though the difficulties.

There’s an element of strength and empowerment that comes with a transformation. See if it’s something you can make work for yourself.

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