But Why?

Excuses are like toilets, they all stink! That’s a phrase used many times in boot camp by one of my drill instructors.

Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body

It was typically used in conjunction with an unspecified amount of what is referred to as corrective training. Which included new phrases like “Beat your face!”.

It was an exciting time for sure.

However, the comment about excuses being like toilets was a truth of life and one that you couldn’t argue with.

Not that arguing with a drill instructor is conducive to your health, but you get the idea. Todays write-up focuses on elimination of the cyclical cycle that can be defined by excuses.

Consider the last time you had a thought or plan of action you didn’t follow through to fruition.

But Why?

Now ask yourself why. Why didn’t it become a completed concept in your workflow or repertoire?

You can drive yourself crazy with asking why. Yet, it gets you staring directly in the eyes of whatever it is that holds you back very rapidly.

However, for this to work, you have to be honest with yourself. Eliminate the bull shit excuses.

Yes, some extreme life events or situations should be taken into consideration.

However, at some point you’ll have to recognize ideas or ambitions you’ve trifled due to something you can manage better or improve upon.

Awakening: Accountability

It’s amazing how many times in life I’ve had discussions with ambitious people who have projects shelved. Waiting to make the next move.

Stalling for some random reason on an otherwise amazing initiative.

From the outside it would appear as the only thing holding them back is themselves.

Many times I’ve found this conversation to boil down to either fear or simply needing better time management.

Hell, I’m guilty of it myself.

I’ve found myself down the rabbits hole of the internet when moments earlier I was focused on a specific task.

It starts with trying to find a tutorial or information on something that pertains to my current initiative.

Then boom, an hour later, I’m chilling deeply invested in something I wasn’t even aware of when I woke up that day.

Sure I enjoy following mixed martial arts (MMA) and automotive modification channels. Yet, it’s typically not contributing to my “time well spent” workflow.

Finger Pointing

Accountability is an amazing trait to have. It’s something that can aid in rapid personal development.

It’s a jagged pill to swallow at times, but it helps make adjustments rapidly and more efficiently than the excuses route.

I’ll always remember something I was told as a kid when trying to blame something on another kid. Not exactly sure the circumstance, but I was attempting to defer blame to someone else when an adult said the following.

“When you point a finger at someone else, you have three more pointing back at you.”

-The Adult 🙂

Ever since that turn of events I’ve thought of their comment when I want to say “It wasn’t me it was the one armed man!”.

Ideas are Easy

It’s relatively easy to come up with ideas or concepts that sound good. It’s the execution of these ideas that is difficult.

The same can be said for personal development and growth. It’s easy for me to write stuff about how it should be.

However, putting it into action can be much more difficult than anticipated. Especially when it’s been a trait developed over time.

I’ve previously written an article on problem solving and taking action. There are plenty of tasty nuggets to chew on there that will get you started down the road of execution.

Ultimately it always comes down to choice. You have the choice to hold yourself accountable and take action to improve whatever it is you’ve identified through the “But Why?” technique.

You can check out episodes one of the Tasty Dangerous podcast as well. It discusses goals and taking action.

Is there something in your life you’re looking to improve on?

Is there an idea or concept you’ve been considering, but haven’t put any time into it to make it a reality?

As yourself why.

“But why?”

Do this a few times and be real with yourself. After a while you’ll get to the core of whatever it is that’s a barrier.

Knowing Is Half The Battle

When I was a kid I loved G.I. Joes. They were the epitome of my childhood.

Being hard core isn’t for everyone.

Their slogan is, “Knowing is half the battle”. I believe this to be true with most everything in life.

Yet, consider this, the other half… is execution.

You can have all the knowledge in the world, but unless you do something with it, it’s worthless. Like a book on a shelf never being read.

Take the knowledge you learn by asking why, then execute.

Prepare for battle

If you try this method I’d be interested to hear how it worked out for you.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my podcast. It would be great to hear your feedback.

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