Life Happens: Get over it

We’ve all been there, on either side of the spectrum. Life can be great or it can be a real struggle when all of a sudden things change rapidly.

Again, this can either be in the direction of struggle or success. This recently happened to me in both directions and relatively back to back.

Life Happens

Last week I was doing what I’ve always done… executing on a game plan. The same game plan I’ve had for the better part of five years.

Live frugally, stay focused and grind. It’s been working, but as of recently I’ve had to take my own step back.

I’ve had to increase my faith that things will work out because…life happens.

I’ll share briefly the hardship that blindsided me recently then share the humbling interaction I was fortunate enough to have pushed in my face.

Life took a sucker punch, much like those seen on World Star Hip Hop, and succeded in putting me on the ground.

I got up, but it wasn’t before I allowed my focus to fall off of the big picture.

A little over a week ago my phone died without warning. Then my vehicle I was counting on to get me through another year died.

Then to top it off, my company lost a decent video contract due to circumstances out of my control.

To put it lightly I was pissed off and feeling down and out. There was a moment when I started to allow myself to start thinking fuck it all!

Scream in the dark

Many years ago I remember seeing a quote posted on the wall of a community college I was attending just out of high school.

“The world doesn’t care about your feelings.”

– Unknown

I remind myself of that quote often when I start to pity my situation.

The universe has a way of reminding us of what is truly important. This recently happened at a relatively likely spot to get insight…. the barber shop.

If you hang out long enough in a barber shop you’ll have all sorts of interesting conversations. Lots of different perspectives and interesting conversations.

There I was, at my local shop, getting a haircut. I’ve always been of the belief if you look good you feel good. This was an attempt at raising my spirit, it worked.

Slightly because of the haircut, but more-so because of a brief conversation that happened. It was a typical day and conversation was bouncing around about injuries we had all incurred in our lives.

Someone always has it worse

Everyone had a fun story of breaking bones or other significant moments in their life that changed the direction of their week, month or even year.

Then it happened. Someone in the shop shared a story of one of their friends who life sucker punched and was kicking them while they were down.

To put it lightly and without going into detail, their friend had recently been diagnosed with an extremely rare condition that less than one percent of the global population has.

A young dude and up until they got their diagnosis sounded like they were in good condition. Their life took a radically different direction after this diagnosis.

They are currently in a position where the days on the calendar could be winding down rapidly unless treatment starts to fix the condition. It’s uncertain at best.

This…. Life… Damn.

Here I was feeling bad for myself because of a number of issues. Yes, I was in a very difficult position, but this was a reminder of life at its coldest.

Someone always has is worse. Don’t believe me? Take your ass to a developing country.

You’ll get a life lesson in humility within a matter of days if you open your eyes. That is, if you aren’t completely ignorant to the happenings around you.

Your feelings lie to you

Life isn’t guaranteed. Never take these moments for granted.

I’ve lost friends in high school and throughout life, just like many of you. Many of these losses where to the most random of things.

Car accidents, suicide, pneumonia…. yea, pneumonia killed my gym partner when he was in high-school. 17 years old and checked out of life.

The minute you start feeling sorry for yourself, do yourself a favor, shut the fuck up.

I’m not trying to sugar coat anything in this post.

If you’re offended by my delivery there will likely be many more instances in your life where you’re going to have feelings impair your ability to stay motivated with a positive mindset.

Ask yourself one question. When you check out of this thing we call life, do you want to have a smile on your face or be salty and jaded?

Whistle while you work

The captain of my army unit in Iraq had a story he liked to use. He’d talk about mindset and accomplishing the mission.

However, he’d use a garbage collector as an example. It went something along the lines of this.

You have a job to do and whether you want to do it or not you’re only really in control of one thing. Your mindset.

You can do your job and bitch about it or you can do it with intent and motivation.

Two roads to choose from, one will be a hell of a lot more difficult.

To wrap this rant up, we all have choice. It’s the only thing in this life we really have control over.

Choose wisely.

The interesting thing is almost as fast as life got me down, as soon as my mindset changed, it circled back and big things started popping.

I was able to acquired a nice whip that’s reliable for a solid price due to some negotiation and bartering my creative services with the dealership.

Also, it pushed me into a new job that I can work on the side while still producing videos and maintaining my Tasty Dangerous project.

The things that happened, which I initially saw as major negatives, have now become elements of life that I’m thankful for.

Get out there and stay motivated. Choice is on your side if you allow it.

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  1. Great post Micah. Perspective is everything and yes, feelings DO lie to you. I constantly remind myself of this when I’m feeling terrible about something. Just because you’re having a bad day, or a bad week, doesn’t mean you’re having a bad life. Or the flip side, just because something feels good in the moment, doesn’t mean you’re having a good life. LOL

    1. Thanks Stacy! Life always has a way of humbling us if we’re open to it. It’s a strange thing, but I’m actually happy the things happened as they did recently. I was forced to make some big decisions I’ve been camping on. Cheers to making moves and keeping your chin up. 🙂

  2. Great piece/for peace – often its your expectations that hurt you and by reframing your situation you can maintain equilibrium no matter what life’s weather brings. Rain or shine it depends on your mind…

    1. Hey Marie, all true! Life has an interesting way of continually challenging us. Choice really is a powerful thing, which can work for us or against us. I’m learning how to appreciate the sucker punches as I’m finding I learn the most from them. 😊

  3. Love it man, always a good pick me up to hear your thoughts and views on life in general, Miss you guys, Love ya Brother

    1. Wayne! Hope you’ve been well, thanks for the feedback. This blog wrote itself. Interesting how life has a way of putting you in check whenever you start thinking you might have it figured out. Cheers to new chapters. 😎

  4. Good topic Micah! I am really enjoying your posts and this one reflects a lesson I am still learning.

    I have to say the last few years have really sucked & I 100% doubted the whole idea of “change your attitude, change your life”. However, at some point last year this thought hit me like a freight train, my pain and loss and absolute fury, didn’t change one god damned thing that happened. I was lost for a few months trying to find what would take the place of wading through those emotions 24 hours a day.

    It was a lightning bolt of inspiration: what happened to me will not change, regardless of my feelings about it, but it’s stealing my present. Those precious, precious moments that i hold tight to in my memories ARE NOT HAPPENING. It’s stealing my future as well. All of the beautiful moments that are waiting to be discovered, I will not see them and they will never be recovered.

    I was nauseated at the thought of losing out on any more moments with my family, friends, even my dog, so I made a choice to be grateful for them. Even on my darkest days, to spend time with them doing the things we love; telling them I love them; and hugging them tightly just a few seconds longer. I learned that gratefulness is the key that opens closed doors and I must choose it even when I don’t feel it.

    I learned that in the midst of the destruction, gratitude allows joy to come through. ❤️

    1. Hey Laurie, how eloquently put. It can be a jagged pill to swallow sometimes, but choice is out most powerful attribute. A bit cliche, but diamonds are made from extreme pressure. Life has no shortage of pressure it can provide. It’s these experiences that cultivate appreciation and gratitude if you allow them.

      I’m happy to hear you’re choosing to be in the present and appreciate the moments with those you hold dear, including your dog! Cheers to turning the page on a new chapter!

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