Tasty Dangerous: Say What?

Tasty Dangerous is a podcast and blog that focuses on adventure, business and creativity with an emphasis on mindset. All things tasty, some more dangerous than others.

Create Yourself

Above all, the goal is to share insights and experiences that help others develop their ideal lifestyle.

Are you considering a business venture, career change or maybe looking to improve your current position? What about a new hobby or some type of adventure?

Tasty Dangerous blog and podcast is focused on sharing insights from those that have done it with you.

Our podcast interviews people from all walks of life and industries. There are a number of perspectives and ideologies discussed and a lot of lesson learned.

Story Telling

The blog is my creative writing outlet and at times it will be more of a short story than a blog. It isn’t always the most proper and may even offend some people.

I approach it much the same way as writing a script to a movie. Make it compelling, disturbing, or just interesting with a point.

I enjoy sharing some of my stories that have relevance to the topic of discussion. I also enjoy creating content that poses questions about mindset and lifestyle development.

Stay tuned for regularly blogs, podcasts and other content from Tasty Dangerous.

If you’re motivated to do something you don’t need a road… but they do help!

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Cheers for taking the first step in creating your ideal lifestyle!

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