Podcast Season 2


Welcome to the Tasty Dangerous ™ podcast. I’m your host Micah and if you stick around long enough you’ll hear me speak with a variety of guests about Adventure, Business and Creativity.

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Episode 1

Transformation w/ Joe Cebula

Today’s episode I met with Joe Cebula. A personal trainer, martial artist and creative in the film industry. Connect with Joe by searching @Joe_Cebula or at his website. https://joecebula.com/

Episode 2

Female Friday - The Pursuit of Happiness w/ Amber Kissner

Today’s episode is the first in a series of Female Friday sessions. I speak with Amber Kissner who’s a professional photographer, world traveler and adventurer. We discuss a variety of aspects surrounding travel, career exploration and life in general. Check out her work at http://amberkissner.com/ or by searching @AKissnerGirl

Episode 3

Limitless Sessions - Discovery w/ Luis Gabriel Aguilera

Today’s Limitless podcast we speak with Luis Gabriel Aguilera. He’s an author, musician, teacher and yoga instructor. We dig into the idea of self discovery, spirituality and exploration. Check out his work at  https://store.cdbaby.com/artist/LuisGabrielAguilera



Episode 4

Female Friday - Horses and Home Loans w/ Melany Peters

Today’s Tasty Dangerous Female Friday we speak with Melany Peters, a home loan officer and horse mom. We get some insights into owning a race horse and how to navigate the home loan process. If you’re looking for someone that knows a lot about this process connect with Melany at YourLoanGirl.com

Episode 5

Psychd Saturday w/ Dr Andrew Scarbrough - Anxiety Unwrapped

Today’s Tasty Dangerous episode is a special Psychd Saturday. I get a chance to speak with Dr. Andrew Scarbrough, a licensed clinical psychologist. We discuss anxiety, how it can manifest and some ways to manage. *Note to listener* Psychd Saturdays is purely casual discussion and in no way is meant to treat or prescribe any routines to your own behavior. If you are seeking professional help, seek individual council.’

Episode 6

Business Lessons and Ambition w/ Dan Lundberg

Today’s Tasty Dangerous podcast we speak with Dan Lundberg, an entrepreneur, designer and professional wrap artist. He shares some big lessons learned with building, developing and scaling a business. We also discuss some of the pitfalls that come with business ownership and red flags to be aware of. Connect with Dan at @digitaldan_max or @maxgraphicsusa . Until next time, keep living that tasty dangerous lifestyle.

Episode 7

Female Friday - Creative in Business w/ Michelle Panthaphim

Today’s Female Friday we speak with Michelle Panthaphim. She’s an entrepreneur, designer, model and all around creative. We discuss a bit about being a woman in business as well as common aspects cultivating a business. You can find more info on the businesses Michelle is a team member by searching @ChillVibesWorldwide or at the following locations. 



Episode 8

Perception and Reality - A Limitless Session

In today’s Tasty Dangerous Limitless episode Frankie and I discuss reality, perception and the notion of paradigms we construct our lives around. Even in a world as technologically advanced as our own there are still people out there who are living in paradigms that to many would seem very dated. This session was just to get you thinking. 

Episode 9

Female Friday - Leadership Development w/ Carry Metkowski

Today’s Tasty Dangerous Female Friday we speak with Carry Metkowski on leadership development. She shares insights and perspectives on developing leadership within organizations. Be sure to contact her with any questions and check out her work at https://www.carrymetkowski.com .


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Episode 10

Limitless Sessions: Exploration and Experimentation with Matt Selded - Drugs or Medicine?

Todays Tasty Dangerous Limitless podcast we speak with Matt Selden, an entrepreneur and traveler. He shares his experiences navigating different careers along with his experience in generating a passive income. He also shares a bit of his experience participating in ayahuasca ceremonies in the jungles of Peru while traveling in South America along with mindset and perceptions he had throughout the course of his personal development. More info on the ceremony and practice can be found at biopark.org 

Check out his site http://directorofyourlife.com/ to connect. 

Episode 11

Female Friday - Film Industry Aspirations with Sonya Tormoen

Todays Female Friday podcast we had the opportunity to speak with Sonya Tormoen. She’s navigated a variety of roles in the film industry and worked for the likes of J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg as their extras casting director. We discuss hurdles and hardships as well as positive and fulfilling aspects of the industry. Sonya can be reached at her LinkedIn by simply searching her name. If you’re looking for a professional that knows the industry, she’s the one to talk to.

Episode 12