Tasty Dangerous Show Notes – Episode 007

ABC’s of Mindset: Adventure, Business and Creativity

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Todays date is March 27th, 2019

We are on episode #_7__ of the Tasty Dangerous Podcast.

I hope your day is great because I’m feeling like a kid in a candy store!

I’m excited because today we’re talking about the ABC’s of Mindset.

What does that mean you ask? 

Well… Adventure, Business and Creativity of course, which are the core element of the Tasty Dangerous lifestyle!

During this episode I’ll be walking you through why I chose to focus on adventure, business and creativity and how I believe they are all necessary for the development of an ambitious and positive mindset.

Before I jump into todays show… like I always do about this time, I’ll share a quote that motivated me in some capacity to write this episode. 

It’s a quote by the late great Albert Einstein and it goes like this…

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” 

Mindset 101 … If something isn’t working make changes until it is.

Before I get into discussing adventure business and creativity I’m gonna touch briefly on what mindset is to me and how it applies to my daily life.

From there I’ll dive into each one of the core elements of the Tasty Dangerous lifestyle and discuss how they apply individually in development of your mindset.

I hope y’all are ready to grow because that’s what this episode is gonna do for you.

When were done you’ll have specific insights into different areas that may appeal to you.

Whether its adventure, business or creativity you’ll be able to leverage specific concepts in the areas that resonate with you the most.

You’ll leave with insights and tools to help you develop on your journey and continue evolving into the best version of yourself.

So without further ado… mindset.

What is mindset? 

We hear it all the time, but what does it really mean?

If we were to simply look to the dictionary we’d see that mindset is defined as “The established set of attitudes held by someone.”

If you consider the implications of mindset they can be significant. 

Mahatma Gandhi had an eloquent way of illustrating just how significant mindset is. 

It’s a quote that builds on itself over the course of 6 concepts.

He’s quoted as saying the following.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your values, 
Your values become your destiny.”

Another way I’ve heard this and much easier to remember is this. 

“Your thoughts become your beliefs and your beliefs become your actions.”

I’m gonna share a little bit about myself and my own experience with this concept that’ll make it simple for anyone that’s still struggling with this concept.

It’s gonna be short and sweet and to the point.

I won’t go too far into detail because it can get dark fast, but I will share just enough to make the point, mindset is everything.

Many years ago I was returning to the states from being overseas in a high threat environment.

This was the second time I returned to the states from such a deployment.

I had previously deployed with the military and performed my duties in a combat arms unit only to return to the sand box shortly there after as a security specialist working again in a combat arms security element.

Both trips across the pond I was in a position that required me to look for perceived threats.

My position was to identify these threats before they had the advantage and to ensure the personal I was escorting were kept safe.

Anyone that has deployed, works in a law enforcement or a security capacity in general knows the significance of being in these types of environments for extended periods of time.

It’s a constant state of hyper vigilance and you’re always scanning. 

Always assessing and always conscious of what options are available to ensure you have a fighting chance to stay alive.

It can be exhausting.

Especially in todays settings where there really aren’t uniforms and everyone you see could be the the enemy.

To the point.

Within 6 months of being back I started to recognize I was still searching for potential threats. 

Whether I was with friends at a happy hour… at dinner with family or just walking through a store shopping for whatever.

It was impacting me in a social capacity and I was slowly noticing the difficulties this mindset was presenting.

My thoughts and beliefs were causing me to take physical actions.

A basic example would be something simple such as positioning myself away from exits and with alternate routes for egress just incase something popped off.

If I wasn’t able to position myself accordingly there would be a certain level of anxiety that would come with it.

Thankfully this is typically no longer an issue, but this didn’t happen without effort.

In certain environments this mindset is necessary, but the problem was … I was no longer in those environments and was no longer in the role of a security element performing any kind of security operations.

To the point…. if you want to change mindset you need to start making deliberate changes.

I recognized what was happening to me wasn’t healthy and wanted to make a change.

I enrolled into a university and began forcing myself into classes with hundreds of students.

This was good for positive mindset development in that it forced me to integrate with the general population.

General population being those that had no idea of the potential for extreme violence or the realities of what true evil looks like.

You know the type. They’re the ones that typically have the first world problem type of complaints. I’ll leave it at that.

Although I found it difficult to communicate on a number of levels with this group of people, it was necessary to help me make progress away from being a hyper vigilant security dude…. back to being a civilian.

I also moved myself into a very diverse neighborhood filled with different races, religions and ways of life.

Some of the population that surrounded me bore similar attire as those that I was surrounded with while deployed. 

I made a conscious decision to move to this area after having driven through it on a road trip through the city prior to starting classes.

It wasn’t difficult to see the diversity in the neighborhood and that was exactly where I knew I needed to position myself to make the changes I was seeking.

I sought out friends that were from different cultural and religious backgrounds and did my best to try understand them and their way of life.

This is an experience that at the time was very difficult and uncomfortable in many ways.

However, like I’ve mentioned in other podcasts and blogs, if you’re uncomfortable you’re likely in a position of growth.

This was true for this stage of my life.

I developed a new understanding for those around me and for myself as well.

I recognized I was capable of adapting and evolving as needed to become the best version of myself, however difficult I found it to be.

I recently had lunch with one of the friends I made during this time over ten years ago…..shout out Sala, my brotha from anotha mother.

I thought back to when we first met.

He was the first muslim friend I made after coming back from the middle east.

Admittedly I didn’t have any friends of the religion in my network until then.

I’m very thankful we chose to sit in the chairs in class that we did.

Not only have I had the opportunity to learn more about another culture, but I’ve also had the opportunity to learn more about a religion that I didn’t understand prior to this friendship.

An adaptive mindset allowed me this opportunity. 

To recap, at the highest level, what this story is intended to illustrate is if you allow yourself to think a certain way you’ll start believing it.

In doing so your beliefs will start to influence your actions.

This is a slippery slope and a dangerous one at that.

However, if you make the choice to change your thoughts this will in turn influence your beliefs and subsequently your actions.

Ok, so we’ve covered mindset and how significant thoughts and beliefs are.

So whats with adventure, business and creativity?

How do these three core elements of the Tasty Dangerous lifestyle influence mindset and why should you care to implement them in your life?

Well, let’s start with adventure.

Why is adventure a significant component to living the Tasty Dangerous lifestyle?

Disclaimer… I’m not a doctor or a psychologist, but I have figured out how to use search engines. 

If it’s on the internet it’s a fact. 

Come on people, trust but verify.

To illustrate some components that are beneficial due to adventure, first I’ll start by discussing brain plasticity, otherwise known as neuroplasticity.

I love science.

So the human brain, it’s a pretty cool thing. 

Composed of approximately 86 billion neurons and weighing on average 3 pounds.

That’s just fun information…. you can wrap that up and put a bow on it.

Back in the day researchers believed that the creation of new neurons stopped shortly after birth. 

However, today it’s commonly understood that the brain possesses a remarkable capacity to continue to develop.

In doing so it reorganizes pathways, create new connections….think dendrites, synaptic gaps and neurotransmitters….  and in some cases, can even create new neurons.


So why does all this matter?

Because science people, it proves the potential to develop your brain throughout your life.

Your brain and thus the connections within your brain can be developed beyond their current state. 

I’m not going to dig too deep into neuroplasticity, but if you do some searching you’ll find interesting studies that have been done.

There are actually two different types of brain plasticity…functional and structural, both showing potential for brain development in their own capacity.

Some studies have shown how the brain can transition functions from one area of a damaged region to another that was never intended to manage those functions.

Really cool.

So… adventure… how does this relate?

If you haven’t done so already you should definitely check out on of my previous podcasts which was on Adventures Big and Small.

 I discussed benefits of adventure as well as the variety of adventures you can have…even in your daily life. 

You don’t need a plane ticket people.

Regardless if you’re on a huge travel adventure or adventuring into the realm of tasty delights that are intriguing your taste buds they are beneficial in a number of ways.

These new experiences entice your brain to continue to grow and develop.

Creating new pathways and connections.

This is where the neuroplasticity come into play as well as mindset in general.

If you think you can learn new stuff and develop… then you’ll start to believe it. 

When you believe that you’ll start trying to take actions to make a change and in doing so will be developing your own potential.

Those who believe they can and those who believe they cant are both right.

Shout out Confucius… my favorite quote of all time.

So to wrap up adventure. 

Putting yourself in new situations, environment and or learning experiences gives you the opportunity to make new pathways, connections and thus developing your brains capacity to function at a higher level…furthering your mindset potential.

Moving on….


How does business play a role in mindset development you ask?

Well…. I’ll tell ya.

Business or more importantly thinking in terms of a business leader or entrepreneur is highly beneficial.

It helps to developing your mindset and further your own potential in a variety of way.

If you break down business into its most fundamental elements there are really only a few components that make it up.

Sure, there are going to be plenty of people who disagree and want to split hairs, but I’m making this as simple as possible.

The 6 areas of business thinking or aspects that make up an ideal entrepreneur that I find to be significant are as follows.

Problem solving, optimism, team work, results based analysis, openness to failure and patience.

When you’re thinking like an entrepreneur or business person it’s necessary to continually manage and implement these concepts daily.

I’ll briefly work through each one of the 6 elements of thinking like a business leader to illustrate how they can impact your overall mindset.

For the most part… they’re all self explanatory, but I’ll give my thoughts anyway.

1 – Problem Solving

If you look at problems as if they’re road blocks or use them as excuses why something wont work, it’ll carry over into your actions. 

However, look at problems as opportunities to develop solutions and this too will carry over to your actions. 

It’s amazing how almost every day I hear people use excuses why something cant be done, when at the same time I’m considering what they’re saying and thinking of a number of potential solutions.

Some people like to use excuses because it keeps them from finding their way into uncomfortable positions. 

Many people crave comfort over growth. You’ll see this regularly when you start applying these thought techniques.

It will become very obvious when you meet someone that has no intention of making a change or showing true interest in personal development because they will be filled with excuses.

Moving on.

2 – Optimism

This one… well… it can be easier said than done.

However, if you focus on being aware of your thoughts these will in turn develop into beliefs and thus your actions.

In many situations it’s easy to identify and latch onto the negative, but manage to see the positive in all situations and it’ll make life a lot more interesting.

3 – Openness to failure

Allow yourself to make more failures and you’ll learn more than you ever imagined.

Consider all the potential your brain has to develop and make new connections through each failure and problem solving opportunity.

In no time at all you can develop an entirely new outlook. 

Fail fast, fail often, fail forward.

4 – Patience

Another one that’s easier said than done, but with patience… it can become easier and habitual.

See what I did there. 🙂

Enough said…

5 – Results based analysis

The scientific process is one that can be applied in a number of areas in our lives.

In business as in life, If you’re trying to make changes, consider the results of your attempts.

Are things going as planned? If not adjust and try again.

If so… why not try tweaking the adjustment a bit more to develop the idea even further.

You can see how this concept can be beneficial in mindset development.

6 – Team work

I’ve mentioned this in blogs and podcast before, but consider this.

Jim Rohn has suggested you’re the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most.

Surround yourself with a quality team.

Consider the previous elements we’ve discussed. 

If you surround yourself with folks that think and act in in those manners… you will find that it becomes a part of the teams culture.

Patience, problem solving, optimism, opens to failure and  results based analysis…. all the elements that will help you develop into the best version of yourself.

So that’s that, business 101 as it applies to mindset.

Moving on, creativity.

What is creativity?

Well, y’all know me… I like to start from the beginning and for this I turn to the dictionary.

Creativity is defined as the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.


I like it, but how does this apply to mindset?

Let’s start with the idea of an artistic work.

What’s an artistic work even mean?

I’m guessing many of you would go straight to identifying a painting or a sculpture.

How about a podcast? Could that be considered an artistic work?

Or better yet, a recent example I can draw on is that of a hair stylist.

I had an opportunity to work with my sista who’s a master stylist and been in the hair industry for nearly two decades.

I was producing a video for her as she worked through a color, cut and styling.

It was awesome watching as she explained and executed a variety of techniques to create a work of art on someone head.

It really was an artistic work.

With that consider this.

I you get in the habit of looking at things through a different lens and seeing the potential, this will open up unbelievable opportunities.

This is a concept that is also a force multiplier in terms of problems solving. 

Get in the habit of using your imagination.

If this is something you’re not too familiar with try this.

Look for inspiration.

As an artist I’m always looking for things that inspire me. 

Whether that’s a conversation I had with someone, a pattern I see in a design, a scientific or technology journal I read or some other creation that applies to my thought process at the time.

By finding something that’s inspiring it allows you the opportunity to have a starting point for your own creative process.

Start with whatever it is that inspires you then develop it and make it your own.

Consider a painting by Picasso.

He could have very easily been inspired by another painters composition and used it to then developed with his style to create his own work of art.

Creativity allows you to build and develop …in terms of mindset development this leads to becoming a better version of yourself.

This is assuming you choose to focus your creative energy on positive development.

So there we have it.

The ABC’s of Mindset and how they all apply to help you become the best version of yourself.

Mindset is a powerful thing. 

It can be developed with a positive outlook or the alternative. 

I hope you choose to focus your energy at becoming a better version of yourself.

Remember if you’re uncomfortable that’s a good sign you’re in a position of growth.

Challenge yourself through adventure. 

Think like a business leader.

Create through inspiration.

A new mindset is ready when you are.

Well that does it folks, I hope you enjoyed todays episode and feel like you got something out of it. 

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